Millennial Love in the Time of the Internet

Secretive glances exchanged across a room have been replaced by Tinder swipes and Facebook friend adding. Long love letters have become Snapchat messages and Messenger pings. Months of subtle courtship have evolved into Instagram followings and Facebook likes. The dating scene of the Millennial generation has become mediated by social media networks that represent an invisible presence in people’s relationships. And while maintaining long-distance relationships has never been easier, maintaining

A Superwoman In The Making

We see them all around us – business women, homeschool moms and moms who manage to maintain both their career and their family life, single moms, the kind of women that don’t let society define them, tell them what they can and cannot do, and where their place is; the kind of women that know what they want in life and will do everything in their power to get it. We all look up to them and need them to be the leaders they are, but if you’re a woman – why not be like them? If you’d like to learn w

Is February the Only Month of Love in Our Lives?

With February being a few days away, romantics all over the world are overwhelmed by a strange, jittery feeling. For some, this feeling represents excitement for the upcoming month of love and romance. For others, it’s a feeling of slight nervousness because of the pressure to plan perfect dates and gifts for their partners. And then, there’s a third side to this feeling. The feeling of pressure and slight sadness over the fact that this is yet another February they’re spending without a partner

Prepare Yourself For the Best Year – Your Year

Year after year, we keep rushing towards the future, while the present passes by unnoticed. While some people try to make their dreams come true so hard that they forget to live their lives, others think that there’s still time, so they keep dreaming. If you’re any of those people, don’t let 2018 become just another missed year in your life. Instead of making plans without any effort to achieve them, or focusing solely on realizing your plans without really enjoying the fruits of your labor, th

Loving Others Means Loving Yourself First

Let me ask you this: Where does all the love go once you break up with someone? Does it hide away and wait for a better opportunity? Stalk other potentially available bachelors? Rot away slowly with all the once glorious memories with your partner or just vanishes into thin air and goes onto the next person? Whichever the case, it’s hard. Losing someone is hard and getting used to the fact you no longer belong to someone, somewhere is absolutely devastating. You miss the habit, you miss the plan